Children's online activities
together with All Saints, Rayne and The Church in Great Notley (LEP)

For help with their learning and play across the curriculum, check out this Online Resources Pack from Essex.Gov.UK

We have created some online activities for children and their families to access to enable them to continue to develop their faith at home if you are unable to be in church . 

If you would like a fun outdoor activity with your children, click here for a Muddy Church Trail that looks for new things whilst out and about.

This Week's Story

Do Something Different - Mark 1.14-20

Freeze-frame the story    

You will need: props to represent nets and boats (optional).

  • Create freeze frames of different key points in the story, asking children to be the different characters.
  • Look together at the freeze frames and notice what is happening. Ask: How do you think the fishermen felt at each point? Look at the end freeze frame. Ask: How do those who have been left behind feel?

Stop and share

  • Remind the children that John the Baptist was Jesus’ cousin.
  • Explain that ‘repent’ means being sorry for what you have done; having a change of heart.
  • Ask the children what they think Jesus meant by ‘fish for people’. Discuss how Jesus was asking the fishermen to invite other people to follow him.

A range of activities to choose from:

Follow the leader

Play and explore watching and following

Play ‘Simon says’ where the children have to follow the leader. Lead some actions relating to the story, e.g. fishing.


Fish and people

Create a display of what Jesus asks us to fish for

Provide card fish and people shapes for each child to decorate with collage materials. Use these to create a display, in a large net.

Quick response game    

See how quickly we respond to a signal

You will need: a large cushion, a bell or alarm.

  • Place a large cushion in the middle of the room and play the bell/alarm to the family.
  • Encourage everyone to move around the room in different ways, e.g. walk, run, hop. But also ask them to listen for the bell/alarm. When they hear it, the first person to touch the cushion is the winner.
  • Repeat the game to see how quickly the family respond. Revisit the passage; point out that the fishermen responded immediately.

Make an invitation      

Create something to ask others to follow Jesus

You will need: folded sheets of A5 coloured card, pens, craft materials, stickers, glue.

  • Give each person a folded A5 piece of card. Ask them to write ‘You are invited to follow Jesus. Will you respond?’ on the outside, and on the inside, write ‘R.S.V.P.’ leaving space for people to write (pre-prepare for younger children).
  • Provide everyone with pens, stickers and craft materials. Ask them to make the card look like an invitation to the greatest party.
  • Encourage everyone to take their invitation home and invite the whole family to write their names under the R.S.V.P. if they want to respond to Jesus.


Talk together and talk to God

Use these questions to discuss the Bible passage and then bring your thoughts together by praying to God.

Talk together

  • Why is it sometimes hard to make decisions and respond immediately?
  • How would you feel being asked to leave lots of things behind as the fishermen did?
  • In what ways do you think we are asked to follow Jesus today?



Talk to God: Fish prayers   

Make and pray about responding to Jesus

You will need: strips of coloured or patterned paper L10cm x W2cm, scissors, pens.

  • Provide each child with a strip of paper and show them how to cut a slit about 1cm from either end, at opposite sides of the paper. Ask the children to write their name on one side of the paper and fit the slits together to make a fish. If the children hold the fish up and then let it go it should spin as it falls.
  • Ask everyone to stand holding their fish and say the prayer together.
    When you all say ‘Amen’ they can let go of the fish and watch them spin to the ground.

    Jesus, we want to respond when we hear you call our names.
    We want to live our lives with you.
    We want you to be with us.

An activity sheet for this week's story can be found here.

We loved having our monthly pyjama prayers for the children last Sunday via Zoom. The children enjoyed creating bubble prayers and watched them as they rose towards God knowing that He hears and receives their prayers with love. The next one will be on Sunday 14th february. Please do get in touch for details.

                                 pyjama prayers

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