Children's online activities
together with All Saints, Rayne and The Church in Great Notley (LEP)

With public worship suspended until the crisis has passed we have created some online activities for children and their families to access to enable them to continue to develop their faith at home. 

The children at White Notley C of E Primary School have written some beautiful prayers for this difficult time to share with the community - here is the next prayer to be shared . It says; Dear God, Help us all to help each other. Amen

                                                     Help us all prayer

This weeks story is about Easter Sunday

During Holy Week there are several ideas for activities to do during the week. Click here to view Holy Week Activities

Why don't you also display an Easter Egg picture in your window for an Easter Egg hunt around the village. You could hunt for the eggs on your daily walk but remember to keep social distance from others.

Easter egg

Before reading the story together, practise the different facial expressions the people in the story might have made, such as: grief, shock, fear, joy, excitement. Tell the Easter story, pausing at the points marked by asterisks and encourage the children to make the appropriate expression for that part of the story!

Easter Sunday Story

It was early in the morning, on the first day of the week. Mary Magdalene and her friend, who was also called Mary, were on their way to Jesus’ tomb. As they drew near, they saw two guards sitting there.*

Without warning, an angel came down from the sky like a bolt of lightning.* He was dressed in dazzling white clothes*, and the earth shook as he landed and rolled back the stone at the entrance to the tomb.*

The guards were terrified!* First, they shook with fear*, and then they fainted.* ‘Do not be afraid,’ the angel said to the two Marys.* He was sitting on the stone. ‘I know who you’re looking for*. You came to see Jesus, who was killed on the cross. He isn’t here any more; he’s been raised from the dead. Come, and see where his body lay.’*

The two Marys didn’t know what to think. They were both scared of the angel*, and excited by what he said.* The angel continued speaking, ‘When you have seen that Jesus is gone, go and tell the disciples the news. Jesus will go ahead of them to Galilee, and they will see him there.’*

Still frightened, but also full of joy, the women ran from the tomb to find the disciples.* They didn’t get far, though, because suddenly, Jesus was there, standing in front of them.* ‘Greetings!’ said Jesus. The women fell to the ground, took hold of Jesus’ feet and worshipped him.* Jesus spoke again. ‘Do not be afraid,’ he said. ‘Go and tell my brothers to go to Galilee.* They will see me there.’

Why don't you create your own Easter picture that we can share during the online service on Sunday? Do  email a copy or a picture of it to us, we would love to see and use them!


Celebration cards   

Sharing the message of Easter with others

You will needsheets of A4 card, scissors, pens, coloured tissue paper, glue, envelopes.

  • Pre-prepare by folding the sheets of card in half to form a greetings card for each child. Cut a large, cross-shaped hole in the front cover of each card.
  • Ask the children to write ‘The joy of Easter shines through’ on the front, and a message inside their card.
  • Inside the card, they can then cover the cross ‘window’ carefully with tissue paper, creating a stained-glass effect. Help the children to carefully stick and seal all the edges with glue.
  • Leave for a few minutes to dry. Then encourage the children to place the finished cards in the envelopes. 

A worship bulletin which includes a crossword, word search, colouring page and a multiple choice quiz based on Palm Sunday. Enjoy!

Easter Surprise Bulletin

Interactive Prayer

The cross      

Remembering God’s love for us

You will needa candle, gentle music and equipment to play it, a homemade cross made out of card or a small cross you have in the house.

  • As a family, sit in a circle, place the lit candle in the centre, and play the music quietly in the background.
  • Encourage the children to think about something they wish to thank God for, something that brings them joy. Remind them that the cross is a symbol of joy because it shows God’s love for the world.
  • When everyone is ready, pass the cross around the circle. Each child and parent can say their prayer out loud or in their own thoughts when they are holding the cross.
  • Don't forget to finish with AMEN

                                     Pyjama Prayers

We loved having our own pyjama prayers for the children for the first time last Sunday via Zoom.Watch this space for the next one!  

                                 pyjama prayers