Children's online activities
together with All Saints, Rayne and The Church in Great Notley (LEP)

We have created some online activities for children and their families to access to enable them to continue to develop their faith at home if you are unable to be in church 

.This Week's Story - Big Questions

Mark 4.35-41

A version of the story for very young children

Lay out a blue cloth and place the objects/pictures (in italics) on it as you tell the story.

Jesus and his friends went to the sea.
They went out in a boat. (boat)
Jesus fell asleep in the boat. (place play figure in the boat)
While he was asleep, a big storm came and made big waves. (shake the cloth and rock the boat)
Jesus’ friends were very scared and they went to wake Jesus up.
Jesus stood up and spoke to the waves, saying, ‘Quiet! Be still!’ (stop shaking the fabric)
The wind stopped and the waves calmed down.
Jesus’ friends were amazed that the storm did what Jesus told it to do. 

Stop and share

  • Explain what is meant by the word disciple: a pupil or follower of Jesus.
  • Explain what the word rebuke means: to tell off sharply.

Read and respond          

  • Explain as you read the story, that each time you say particular words the children are to respond with an action or sound. For example, Jesus (cheer), disciples (say, ‘yes Lord’), crowd/people (wave and shout ‘hello’), boat/shore (mime rowing a boat), wind/waves (make swishing sounds).
  • Practise the actions a few times and then read the story slowly, leaving a pause after emphasising each special word to give the  children a chance to respond.


Sway in the storm          

  • Ask the young people to huddle together as if on a boat, swaying gently from side to side as the story starts.
  • Read the passage, pausing to allow them to act out what the disciples were experiencing. At the end, ask them how they think the disciples felt at various points through the story.

Activities to choose from suitable for different age groups


Shake it up

Play and explore how we feel at difficult times

Talk about how we sometimes have stormy times in our lives, when things go wrong and we feel sad. Hold the edges of a large piece of fabric or paper together and make waves. Invite the children to make sad faces, and then call out ‘help’. As you do this activity, encourage the children to stop shaking the fabric as you explain that God hears our cry for help.

Cardboard boat

Make a space to be heard

Provide large cardboard boxes and other items for the children to add to and decorate their cardboard ‘boats’. Then invite them to sit inside and talk to God.



Make waves          

Prioritise concerns, feelings and opinions in a constructive way

You will need: magazines, newspapers, scissors, glue, pens, large piece of paper.

  • Spread around newspapers and magazines and ask the children to cut out any articles, headlines, images, words or ideas that illustrate things they are passionate about, worrying about, or which affect them. Draw some large waves onto the large piece of paper and explain that you are going to make a collage with these cuttings.
  • As a group, discuss which of these issues concerns them most, or occupies most time in their minds (i.e. school, personal appearance, popularity, world issues, etc.), and put them in an order of priority if possible with top priorities at the top of the waves.
  • Stick them onto the paper, in the waves, and annotate them with the children’s comments and views. Display in your church or meeting room.



Once upon a time…         

Think about dealing with life’s difficulties

You will need: a ball.

  • Invite the young people to stand in a circle. Explain that you are going to work together to tell a story as you pass the ball around the circle.
  • Start by saying, ‘Once upon a time…’ and then throw the ball to someone else. Ask each person with the ball to say one or two sentences.
  • Encourage the group to make events worsen for the protagonist in the story until you say, ‘Happily ever after’, and then they have to resolve the story positively.
  • Discuss how we deal with difficult times.


Young people’s voices          10 mins W A

Explore how being heard changes things

You will need: a list of young people’s achievements.  

  • Print out information about impressive achievements by young people.
  • Ask the group which achievement stand out most and why.
  • Discuss if it’s more difficult to be heard as a young person in society.


Activity sheet



Talk to God: Paper boats          

Give your worries to God

You will need: paper, pens, container of water.

  • Ask the children to write a prayer onto a piece of paper about particular concerns they want to offer to God.
  • Help each child to fold their paper into a paper boat using instructions.
  • Invite the children to float their boats on a shallow container of water and pray over the boats together.

Pyjama Prayers

We loved having our monthly pyjama prayers for the children last Sunday via Zoom. The children enjoyed using 'choosers' to help them with what they wanted to pray for. The next one will be on Sunday 11th July where we will be using pebbles to pray with. 

                                 pyjama prayers

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