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together with All Saints, Rayne and The Church in Great Notley (LEP)

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We have created some online activities for children and their families to access to enable them to continue to develop their faith at home if you are unable to be in church . 

Paul's first letter to the Thessalonians, Chapter 2, verses 7b and 8

This Week's Story: So Deeply do we Care

There is a background sheet to support this weeks reading Background Sheet that you are welcome to use

Listening corner 

Create a quiet space in the room. Provide cushions and blankets – you may want to include some teddies and soft toys. Ask the children to get comfy, choose a toy if they wish, and lie quietly as they listen to the words of the passage being read a few times.

Talk together 

  • How do you think the Thessalonians felt when they heard these words?
  • What or who do you care deeply about?
  • How could we show others that we care deeply?

Activities based on this week's reading to choose from:


Gentle balloons 

Illustrate why gentleness is needed

You will need: balloons, skewer, washing-up liquid.

  • Blow up a balloon, not inflating it too much, and secure the end with a knot. Ask the children if they think it is possible to put a skewer through the balloon without popping it. You might want to practise this first before showing the children!
  • Explain that with a gentle approach, it’s possible. Coat the skewer in washing-up liquid. Starting at the top of the balloon (where the colour is darkest), slowly spin the skewer as you gently push into the balloon. Carefully push the skewer to the opposite side, next to the knot. The skewer will go through but won’t pop the balloon.
  • What would have happened if you had jabbed the skewer into the balloon? Remind the group that sometimes gentleness is more effective than strength.

Who cares for me? 

Explore who cares for us

You will need: paper and pens.

  • Give each child a sheet of paper. Ask everyone to draw themselves in the middle of the paper and then, around them, create a map of all the people who care for them. These might include family, friends, people at school, church or other groups they go to, those who are near or those who are a long way away.
  • Encourage the children to create the map in the right way for them, and talk with the children about their maps.


Playing with oobleck 

Think about the need to be gentle

You will need: two cups of cornflour and one cup of water, a wooden spoon, a mixing bowl and a large plate or tray.

  • Help the children to make oobleck together by mixing the cornflour and the water in a bowl using a wooden spoon. Tip this onto a plate or tray.
  • Challenge the children to play with the oobleck without it becoming solid. They will notice that when they are gentle with it, the mixture is easy to move their fingers through. But if they force, hit or push the mixture, it becomes more solid.
  • Remind the children that being gentle in our words and actions can often be the best thing, but sometimes it can be tricky to do.



Caring vouchers 

Commit to caring

You will need: cheque book-size pieces of paper, pens.

  • Give each child two pieces of paper and ask them to write ‘I care for you so much that…’ across the top of each. 
  • Help them to think of things they could do to show how much they care. These could be practical things such as helping with jobs at home, or they could be about spending time with someone, or about telling someone how much they care. Support the children in writing and drawing these on their vouchers.
  • Ask everyone to sign their vouchers and add a date they are valid until. Encourage the children to give their two vouchers to the appropriate people to ‘cash in’ at any time.



Feather prayers 

A reminder of the need to be gentle

You will need: feathers.

  • Give all the children a few feathers to hold. Ask them to touch them and feel how gentle they are.
  • As the children are holding the feathers, read the passage again. Then pray:
    Lord, help us to be gentle, to know when we need to be gentle, to have the strength to be gentle. Amen.

Live your faith action for children

Write a card or a letter to someone you care for, but haven’t seen for a while.

Here are some links for an activity sheet and a colouring sheet should you wish to use them.

We loved having our monthly pyjama prayers for the children last Sunday via Zoom. The children enjoyed making paper chains to represent their prayers. The next one will be on Sunday 8th November. Please do get in touch for details.

                                 pyjama prayers

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