Sunday Club

Our Sunday club meets in the Florence Slater Room on the last Sunday of the month at 10.45am.

Due to the virus, we are currently meeting virtually via Zoom.  If you would  like to join us please email for more information

The Next Sunday Club is 25th April

The Sunday Club have recorded their own version of the Easter Story using their painted story stones. They shared this at the Easter Service.  

29.3.20 -It was really lovely to see the children today in our first virtual Sunday Club.  We read the story of Lazarus and played a face expression game which was amusing. We also completed a crossword together and finished with a prayer.  

Lazarus chooser

The online activity for Sunday Club - to make the chooser linked to the Lazarus story. It helped us to think about how God is in our lives.

Sunday Club        Sunday Club Crosses

The children learn about the Christian faith in a fun and engaging way before joining the congregation in church to participate in communion and share what they have been learning.